Consultation regarding the choosing of Talismans and Amulets based on your Natal Chart.

Crystals can vibrate in harmony with your natal chart and particularly with your ruling sign. Gemstone amulets can be used to stimulate psychic abilities and enhance spiritual growth. Talismans heighten a sense of well-being and balance the psycho-spiritual forces of the individual wearing the gemstones.

I also encourage clients to use gem elixirs as a tool to enhance spiritual attunement. Gem elixirs are liquid tinctures of consciousness that work with our energy system to help us balance or restructure our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

I am available to look at your natal chart and make recommendations on choosing a gem essence or crystals to be used as amulets or jewelry based on your horoscope to help you to optimize your healing journey.


Intentional Jewelry made by Wild Spirit Heart

My daughter, Wisa Wahosi Trudell is a crystal healer, Reiki practitioner, and advocate for women; dedicated to helping women empower themselves. She is a survivor of sexual assault and has invested in transforming trauma into healing and power. Wisa works with crystal energy to create beautiful healing and intentional jewelry designed to address and support her client’s well-being. Each piece of jewelry is created to resonate with your astrological chart and your healing goals.

A message from Wisa:

I am happy to announce that I have started a business, Wild Spirit Heart… I make intentional, inspirational, and healing jewelry with one of the earth’s natural medicines; gemstones. I can make jewelry for any intention. If you are struggling with anxiety, need to find self-acceptance and self-love, or are having trouble finding your voice, I can find the gemstones that resonate with your creative nature and inspires your heart. If you need encouragement or are suffering from emotional trauma or dealing with physical ailments I want to offer you support. I will choose the gemstones that can help support you, offering comforting and healing energy, and inspiration.

Before I create your personalized jewelry I work with astrological transits, phases of the Moon, and your natal chart to find the best time to start so that your jewelry has its own astrological chart and purpose. I make customers a piece of jewelry made specifically for them. With astrology, I am able to pinpoint gemstones that will work well with your natal chart and with your intentional goals.

We all have the power within us and I am making jewelry that empowers your spirit and empowers your heart, empowers you.

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