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The Planets

The Planets

Eight planets, and one outcast planet plus the Luminaries; the Sun and Moon make up the centerpiece of the most active energies in our small corner of the galaxy.

The Sun: “Our Life Star, gives Earth life”

The Sun represents our ego, our sense of identity, and self-will. Solar energy gives us creative self-expression, ambition, and confidence. The Sun is the force from which we seek self-actualization. Our Sun seeks to find the answers to the age-old questions of, ” Who am I and what’s my purpose “. The Sun rules Leo, finds its highest potential in Aries, and struggles for self-understanding in Aquarius and Libra.

Interesting facts: The Sun, a G2 star is just one of more than a billion stars in our galaxy. The Sun is 4.5 billion years old. The Sun should last for another 5 billion years before running out of hydrogen fuel.

The Moon: “Perceptional Mind”

Earth’s only satellite is where we express our instinctual and subconscious emotions and behaviors. The Moon represents our subjective mind, habits, and memories. The Moon is emotional, sensitive, and nurturing. She rules in Cancer, finds comfort in Taurus, is cold and distant in Capricorn, and is emotionally challenging in Scorpio.

Interesting facts: As the Moon travels around the Earth the angle between the Moon and Sun changes, creating the cycle of the phases of the Moon.

Mercury: “ The Messenger of our solar system”

Mercury thrives on communication, logic, and reasoning. Mercury is intellectual, adaptable, and clever. Mercury enjoys versatile Gemini, analytical Virgo, overextends in Sagittarius, and gets muddled in Pisces.

Interesting facts: Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. Mercury is extremely hot with a cratered terrain and intense volcanic activity

Venus: “Goddess of Love”

She seeks grace and beauty, love and romance. Creates art, music, and parties. Her influence is gentle and affectionate. She can be self-indulgent, vain, and lazy. She finds pleasure in Taurus, seeks partnerships in Libra, is picky in Virgo, cranky in Aries, dominating in Scorpio, and sweet in Pisces.

Interesting fact: On 6/8/2004 Venus passed directly between Earth and the Sun. This transit of Venus had not occurred for 122 years. The next time this transit will occur will be on 6/6/2012 and again on 12/11/2117.

Earth: “Gaia, the great mother”

Our Eden sustains human life and as far as we know is the only planet in our solar system with that ability. We enter the earth plane to act out our lessons, manifest our creativity, and work towards the attainment of our highest potential. Continue to act disrespectfully to the earth and you will be reborn into a barren and unappealing planet.

Mars: “The Inner Warrior”

Action-oriented Mars is aggressive, ambitious, and physical. With Mars energy, we take the initiative to act on our desires, assert our will and get what we want in life. Mars is forceful and direct in Aries, focused in Scorpio, and masterful in Capricorn. Mars is passive-aggressive in Cancer, slow and prodding in Taurus, and indecisive in Libra.

Interesting facts: The planet Mars has more similarities to Earth than any other planet in our solar system. On 8/27/2003 Mars was the closest to the Earth (perihelion). This won’t happen again until 8/28/2287.

The Gas Giants:

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are generational planets. They take many years to move through a sign. They influence the collective unconscious, expressing their message and traits through music, art, fads, and current trends.

Interesting facts: There are four gas giants in our solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. They all share a lack of a solid surface, have atmospheres mostly made of hydrogen and helium, have orbital debris rings, and become gradually denser towards their cores.

Jupiter: “Benevolent Teacher”

As the largest planet in our solar system; Jupiter seeks to teach us through benevolent expansion. Jupiter is concerned with higher learning, spirituality, and multiculturalism. Jupiter influences philosophy, religions, and institutions of higher learning. Jupiter seeks knowledge, justice, and wisdom. Jupiter in Sagittarius travels far and wide, in Gemini is scattered and superficial, feels inhibited in Virgo, and flows with imagination and ease in Pisces.

Interesting facts: Jupiter has the most moons of any planet, 62.

Saturn: “Our Karma Teacher”

Saturn provides us with the lesson plan we have agreed to in this lifetime. If we work with Saturn we learn through perseverance and challenge. Once we have accomplished and focused our Saturn challenges we can move into new directions. Saturn requires taking responsibility for our actions. If we avoid Saturnian responsibility, we cannot grow into adulthood. Saturn is organized and pragmatic in Capricorn, balances karma in Libra, hypersensitive in Cancer, and impulsive and self-centered in Aries.

Interesting facts: Saturn has hundreds of rings made up of billions of ice and rock particles.

Uranus: “Cosmic Trickster”

Uranus seeks freedom through individuated self-expression. Uranian Energy seeks to reinvent itself. It destroys and disrupts the status quo in order to reinvent and revolutionize. Uranus promotes growth through experimentation, inventions, and radical restructuring. Uranus rules in Aquarius, concentrates in Scorpio, can be fickle in Leo, and obsessive in Taurus.

Interesting facts: It takes Uranus 84 years to complete a cycle around the Sun. Uranus has an extreme axial tilt, it is the only planet in our solar system to spin sideways.

Neptune: “The Mystical Child”

Neptune communes with the All That Is. She shows us the way to our higher self. Neptune offers spiritual protection and psychic awareness. When we connect to Neptune in healthy ways she provides artistic talent, intuitive and psychic ability, and transcendent experiences. When Neptune’s energy is misused and distorted, we see her energy expressed through addictions of all kinds, self-defeating behaviors, and escapist lifestyles. Neptune is most at home in Pisces, is restricted in Virgo, inspires in Sagittarius, and is prone to skepticism in Gemini.

Interesting facts: A mixture of hydrogen, helium, and methane gives Neptune her beautiful blue color.

Pluto: “Darkness before the break of dawn”

Pluto’s energy requires individual and collective transformation. Pluto forces us to deal with the issues that are most taboo in our society; power issues. Pluto’s focus is on sexuality, money, and death. Pluto reaches into the dark emotional recesses of our psyche and exposes our ” issues”. Pluto wants to cleanse and eliminate stagnant and decaying emotional garbage. By ripping away the veil Pluto forces growth. Pluto is powerful in Scorpio, self-expressive in Leo, self-reliant in Taurus, and revolutionary in Aquarius.

Interesting facts: In August of 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet, officially kicking Pluto out of planet status.