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By purchasing any offering or otherwise engaging with Wild Mercury Astrology, you are voluntarily agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

You agree that the astrologer is not responsible for predicting the future or for any decisions made by the client.

In certain jurisdictions where astrological readings legally fall under definitions for “fortune telling” or “divination,” these terms serve as a disclosure that readings are for entertainment purposes only.

You agree and acknowledge that astrology is not a substitute for the advice provided by licensed or otherwise credentialed professionals in other fields including but not limited to medicine, mental health, law, and finance. Astrology and any services rendered herein do not constitute medical, mental health legal, or financial advice.

Readings are provided by analyzing information provided including birth date, time, and location which the client affirms has been legally and ethically obtained and is true and accurate to the best of the client’s knowledge.

Wild Mercury Astrology reserves the right to refuse service based on discretion, and non-adherence to the policies set forth herein Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy to avoid harm or injury.

By engaging with Maire Wahosi and Wild Mercury Astrology, you voluntarily agree to hold harmless Maire Wahosi and Wild Mercury Astrology, forever releasing and fully discharging the aforementioned from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, and rights whether known or unknown relating in any way to your dealings with the aforementioned.

Wild Mercury Astrology has a profound and abiding respect for the planets and stars that so generously provide us with a window into the “sign of the times”. We provide educational pages and we encourage your questions and suggestions.