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Wild Mercury Astrology invites you to begin your journey of self-discovery using the tools of ancient astrological wisdom to help you navigate planetary cycles with awareness and gain insight and guidance to help you find your life path and live a more fulfilling authentic life.

I use my astrological knowledge to empower my clients with personalized, practical astrological advice that is grounded in helping to demystify your natal chart and provide clarity on how you can leverage astrological patterns and planetary rhythms to take advantage of potential opportunities, embrace personal growth and avoid traps and pitfalls.

Why Astrology

A detailed natal chart reading can tell you about your natural talents, unique personality traits, relationships and compatibility issues, and career options, as well as provide insight into your karma and spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Having a personalized natal reading can be a transformational experience that can help you embrace your highest potential.

Are you experiencing a major change or shift in your life? Are you experiencing a change in career or business, marital status, are you selling or buying a house, are you planning on relocating? If so, Astrology can help you make practical choices when dealing with life’s challenges. Using ancient election techniques astrology can find the best days to marry, buy or sell a home, or start a business.

A Wild Mercury Astrology reading can help you prepare to navigate major life changes. Knowing what’s ahead can help you avoid difficulties and obstacles and you can manage life’s transitions more smoothly.

Are you on a path of self-exploration, are you looking to understand your life purpose, are you seeking a deeper understanding of your karma in this life or are curious about your past lives?

Embark on your journey of self-discovery with a reading from Wild Mercury Astrology. Together we will examine your natal chart and the planetary configurations that influence your destiny and life purpose. I can help you understand and make sense of the complexities of your natal chart and your current transits, and progressions. I look forward to helping on your spiritual journey.

Book a session

Schedule a one to one sessions by phone or by video using your preferred online meeting tool. You can also receive your personalized reading as a digital recording sent to Dropbox, a written report sent to your email, or receive an 80-minute CD in the mail.

At the time of booking your session I will need your birth information; including your birth date, place of birth, and time of birth. It is also helpful to know your current location. If you do not know the exact time you were born your reading will not be as accurate, but will still provide insightful details. Once I receive your information I will email you to set up your session. 

Gift Certificates ~ Make a wonderful Birthday or Holiday Gift ~ Group readings Available

An Astrology reading or a professionally written astrological report makes a wonderful gift! Wild Mercury Astrology also offers gift certificates. Please contact me to learn more at: readings@wildmercury.biz