The Moon

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Journey of Changes: The Phases of the Moon

The Moon

The Astronomy:

The Moon is our only satellite and it is the fifth-largest moon in our Solar System. The Moon is in a synchronous rotation with the Earth. The tidal forces between the Earth and the Moon slowed the Moon’s rotation until it became locked in its orbit around the Earth. The Moon always keeps the same side of its surface facing the Earth. (The Moon rotates on its axis roughly about the same time it orbits the Earth.)

Synodic Month:

It takes the Moon 29.5 days to completely cycle through eight distinct phases. “The Lunar phases change cyclically as the Moon orbits the Earth according to the changing relative positions of the Earth, Moon and Sun.” (Wikipedia) The Moon is considered extremely significant in all divisions of Astrology. She rules our day-to-day awareness. The perceptional mind of emotions and senses. The intuitive/ instinctive consciousness regulates automatic functions. The Moon is very personal having rulership over all familiar ties, especially female relatives. The Moon is the most important planet for women in our Natal charts. She describes our emotional nature, and our relationship with the phases of womanhood ( maiden, mother, crone) A woman’s physical, hormonal, psychological, and cultural experience and expression of the divine feminine are expressed through her moon’s sign and placement.

Astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, was a leader in the Humanist Astrology movement. In 1967 he wrote the book “The Lunar Cycle” describing in-depth the astrological implications of each of the phases of the Moon. He was the first to ascribe Jungian archetypal motifs to the phases.

Tonight, we are going to take a journey through the phases of the Moon using classic archetypes to light the way.

The Dance of Moon, Sun & Earth:

The Moon through her phases reflects the Sun’s light back to us. The Sun is our life-giving star. The Sun represents energy that is constant and positive. Its highest expression is the ability to illuminate the spirit. It gives vitality, confidence, and creative expression to a well-placed Natal Sun. We are the Goldilocks planet just the right distance, size, and spin to create a planet that can sustain life. From our planet, both the Sun and Moon appear to be of equal size.

The New Moon: 0.00 to 45‘ Archetype: VISIONARY Day 1/Day 29 Begin new projects

Moon between the Earth and the Sun. Invisible as she rises and sets with the Sun. Rainfall tends to be heavier and tides are higher. This Moon phase is tuned into the collective unconscious and has only an intuitive sense of self. From 0’ to 45’ the energy moves from childlike innocence to playfulness onto exploration.

The Crescent Moon: 45’ to 90’ Archetype: The Individualist Day 4

The Crescent Moon rises around Noon and sets around Midnight in the Western sky. The light is emerging we are conscious of “what could be”. We start exploring our individualism. This Moon rebels against constraints and injustices. We start to seek more meaningful experiences.

The First Quarter:90’ to 135’ Archetype: The Warrior Builder: Day 7

The Moon is now half light/half dark: the Moon crosses the earth’s orbit moving outward. We struggle with inner conflicts. Timeless subjects such as the forces of darkness and light, good/bad, right/wrong, and fate vs free will. The individual starts to become social.

The Gibbous Moon: 135’ to 180’: Archetype: The Scholar Day 10

The Light becomes more prominent. We move from intuition to intellect. We direct our psyche into the outer world developing a socialized ego. There is a need to balance the personal and the collective. We explore intellectual possibilities. The Full Moon: 180’ to 225’ Archetype: The Beloved day 14 The Sun and the Moon are of equal size in the sky facing each other. The earth is farthest from the Sun. The spiritual marriage of the Sun and Moon. The union of anima/ animus, male/female. The Full Moon is pregnant/receptive with creative self-actualizing energy. Developing integrated personal relationships. This Moon focuses on physical, romantic, and spiritual relationships.

The Disseminating Moon: 225’ to 270’: Archetype: Teacher Day 18

Reemergence of the darkness. Spiritual awakening. Intensified relationships both positive and negative. This Moon seeks to purify emotions. Now we are preparing for the return of the collective unconscious. Ego has reached its pinnacle and knowledge and experience are released. We apply intellect by sharing our knowledge. We open up to the universal; acknowledge the need to return to the source, and explore psyche and philosophical and political activism. Connecting to others who share intuitive truths and intellectual knowledge.

Last Quarter Moon: 270’ to 315’: Archetype: Reformer/Hero’s Journey Day 22

The Moon crosses the Earth’s orbit moving inward: reevaluation We turn towards the subconscious and explore imagination and intuition. Start to link the inner and outer worlds. Creative tension exists between light/dark, a battle between ego and subconscious ( psychological battles)We descend into the darkness to save or redeem ourselves or someone else. Solar light gives form and structure to the unconscious. Important not to hide or repress the inner darkness or intuitive/instinctive information. Exposing lies and, uncovering corruption, or muckraking for the underdog.

Balsamic Moon/The Dark Moon:315’ to 360’ Archetype: Prophet Day 26

The growing darkness, depression, pessimism, a Cassandra visionary. We can now access the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the collective unconscious. This Moon senses “that which will be”. There can be a need to withdraw from the world in order to reconnect to the source of inspiration, the Muse. Can become isolated, withdrawn, and depressed.

The Wandering Moon: void of course

By observing the daily lunar motion, you can take advantage of the most favorable time periods to accomplish your goals. You can minimize difficulties by knowing when the Moon is void of course. By consciously choosing the best time to take action to produce the outcome you want.

The Moon waxes (increases) and wanes (decreases) from New Moon to New Moon in 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 2.7 seconds. The Moon moves from 12’ to 15’ in a day. (It moves 1/2 a degree in 1 hour.) The sign the Moon is traveling in will change every 2 1/2 days. The Moon is considered void -of -course when it ceases to make any major applying aspect to another planet before entering into the next zodiac sign.

During the void -of -course, the Moon is “free-floating” creating a feeling of non-structure. It can be difficult to ground ourselves during the void course. The last aspect provides clues about how the void- of -course will “feel” and what might happen. 

  • Conjunct (0′) initiate actions (actions best applied via creativity)
  • Sextiles: (60’) provide an opportunity
  • Squares: (90’) difficulties that require action to overcome
  • Trine: (120’) positive results
  • Oppositions: (180’) Compromise or imbalance

If possible, during a void- of – course we should avoid activities that require alertness using machinery we are not familiar with, or making important decisions. If not possible to avoid events that require focus pay close attention to what you are doing and take breaks.

The void-of-course is an excellent time for working with creative energy and tapping into your subconscious/dream space. Do what you find relaxing: meditate, practice yoga, and work on artistic projects.

Between the first and last Moon aspect, you have the ability to effectively take action to influence the outcome expressed by the zodiac signs the Moon is passing through. By the time the Moon goes void -of -course the energy has passed and any action we initiate during the void- of – course will be ineffectual. The exception to this rule is when the Moon is void- of – course in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces. 


The Moon through the Signs:

  • Cardinal Fire Moon Aries: energetic……headstrong
  • Fixed Earth Moon Taurus: cautious practical…….obstinate EXALT
  • Mutable Air Moon Gemini: indecisive restless…. open-minded versatile
  • Cardinal Water Moon Cancer: nurturing….shrewd RULES
  • Fixed Fire Moon Leo: enthusiastic…. proud
  • Mutable Earth Moon Virgo: competent….critical
  • Cardinal Air Moon Libra: teamwork….acquiescent
  • Fixed Water Moon Scorpio: perceptive…….secretive Detriment
  • Mutable Fire Moon Sagittarius: Spontaneity……Naive/ boasting
  • Cardinal Earth Moon Capricorn: realistic…. pessimistic FALL
  • Fixed Air Moon Aquarius: friendly……….detached
  • Mutable Water Moon Pisces: imaginative……….distracted

Moon by Progressed or Soul Gardening:

  • New Moon: New beginnings subjective self-centered imprinting moment
  • Crescent Moon: planting, building, the struggle to create structures
  • First Quarter Moon: the square (90’) brings forth crisis, lights a spark, stepping forward to meet a challenge.
  • Gibbous Moon: evaluation of goals, accomplishment-oriented, blending of passion and intelligence.
  • Full Moon: emergence illumination, clarity awareness of others, finds meaning through others
  • Disseminating Moon: filled with knowledge and experience. Sharing life purpose/ mission with others.
  • Last Quarter Moon: the beginning of the end, tearing down, discontent with the status quo reorientation
  • Balsamic Moon: alienated from the past yet unclear about the future. Sensing what could be. Release the past.