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Talismans & Amulets Consultation 

The Mineral Kingdom ~ Conscious Healers

Archeologists have found amber used for talismans, amulets, and jewelry as early as 25,000 BC. Ancient historical texts recorded by ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia dating back as early as 4000 BCE noted the use of gemstones in their magic rituals and spells. Ancient Egyptians mined emeralds, carnelian, turquoise, and clear quartz to use for healing and to use as amulets and jewelry. The sacred religious texts of Hinduism, the Vedas (1500 BCE — 500 BCE) provided instructions on the healing properties and uses of gemstones, their connection to astrology, and their alignment with specific chakras. These teachings eventually became part of Ayurvedic medicine that is the practice today in India. Across cultures, gemstones both precious and semi-precious have been used as an aid in healing, a tool for diagnosing illness, and a conduit for connecting to spiritual guidance.

Crystalized structures are the earliest sentient life forms to develop on Earth. They are living entities of pure consciousness. Because minerals were the first life forms to develop, they function on a higher level of consciousness. Crystals have a natural alignment with the earth’s electromagnetic field and are natural amplifiers. Crystals vibrate with the Earth’s magnetic energy and absorb, store, and transmit energy.

Crystals are in a constant state of resonance allowing them access to higher levels of information. Gemstones stimulate healing due to their crystalline structures’ ability to amplify the vibrations of other life forms. More specifically a gemstone will have resonance or harmonics that aligns its healing properties with various body functions on a physical or cellular level.

Crystals are conscious healers that can aid in psychic development, enhance meditation, and help induce relaxation, dreams, and visions. Crystals can help ground and balance energy, provide protection, and clear negativity from spaces. Crystals stimulate healing, provide pain relief and help focus and amplify intention.

Crystal vibrational healing takes place on multiple levels. When the healer uses the crystal’s ability to amplify healing thoughts the vibration works on the physical body, psychospiritual and cellular level, as well as the biomolecular system. Crystals also work on the aura field.

I have had several inspiring experiences with the mineral kingdom. Many years ago, I was invited to meet a gentleman that had built a “crystal healing chair”. He had built the chair to help him cope with chronic pain so severe he had been unable to work. He had explored Western medicine for solutions but had not been successful in finding pain relief.

He had read that crystals might be helpful. In his basement, he took a wooden chair drilled holes, and strategically placed quartz crystal points at his head and a series of crystals going down his spine. He encircled the chair with both clear quartz and amethyst geodes.

When I sat in his crystal healing chair, I immediately was bombarded by crystal energy, I felt like I was getting pinched. When I asked what they wanted I was told to tell the chair’s owner that they wanted plants, better lighting, and a waterfall! He told me to tell them that he was grateful for how much relief they had given him and that he would gladly give them a jungle of plants. The crystals were so happy that they started to “pet me” with soothing waves of gratitude. He went on to explain that since he had started sitting in his crystal chair that he no longer suffered from chronic pain. In the beginning, he would sit for an hour or so and gradually as he felt better, he was able to reduce the time he spent in the chair and he was able to return to work.

Gem Essences

In 1989, I started creating gem essence after I had a dream directing me to start making gem essences for myself and others. Gemstones that resonate with your horoscope and healing goals are placed in distilled water while receiving either the sun’s or moon’s light which transfers the mineral’s vibration into the water. The gem water can be used for healing or for conscious growth.

I am available to look at your astrology chart and help you choose a gem essence or choose crystals to be used as amulets or jewelry based on your horoscope to help you to optimize your healing journey.

My daughter, Wisa creates intentional healing jewelry using gemstones that resonate specifically with your chart and your healing goals.

A Message from Wisa

“I make intentional, inspirational, and healing jewelry with one of the earth’s natural medicines; gemstones. I can make jewelry for any intention.. whether it be for a person who is struggling with anxiety or a person who needs self-acceptance and self-love. I can find a gemstone that resonates with your creative nature, and that can inspire your heart. I can make a necklace for a person having trouble finding their voice…A person needing encouragement to Persevere through their traumas or physical ailments. I want to be able to offer support to you. I choose gemstones that resonate with your needs, wounds, or your inspiration and your manifestations. Not only am I using gemstones, but I am also using astrology.” I make my customers a piece of jewelry made specifically for them. I look at their astrology and pinpoint a stone that will work well with their astrology and with their goals.”

“We all have the power within us and I am making jewelry that empowers your spirit and empowers your heart, empowers all that you are.”