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Song of the Stars

Song of the Stars

The universe is filled with sentient life. Stars, planets, and galaxies all have consciousness.

All sentient beings, strong songs filling the universe with life force. We are all interconnected threads of conscious awareness sharing experience, self-actualization, and seeking to return to the “All THAT IS”.

In our small solar system, our family of planets seeks to share their wisdom with all those who care to listen.

Since The Beginning

Since, the birth of humanity humans have contemplated the beauty and mystery of the heavens.

Tribal people living in communion with the earth observed and understood the celestial cycles and how those cycles affected the Earth and its inhabitants.

Many indigenous civilizations developed astronomical skills as the centerpiece of their cultures. They integrated the movement of stars, planets, and phases of the moon into their daily lives and within their spiritual and ritual cultural expressions.

For centuries Astrology has been a respected science that has guided nations, royalty, and governments and has helped to shape human affairs; great and small of many individuals.

Astrology – The Oldest Science

Astrology is the oldest science. Astrology gave birth to astronomy, calculations of time, medicine, mineralogy and chemistry, and mathematics; including logarithms.

Astrology studies and interprets the planetary influences on human character and destiny. Astrologers interpret the will of the planets by “casting your chart”.

A horoscope is a map of the heavens cast for a particular moment in time. That unique moment of time creates a planetary pattern. That pattern leaves a celestial imprint which when interpreted tells the destiny of individuals or the outcome of situations.

Astrology is the Great Mother of all science. From the study of Astrology came:

  • Astronomy
  • Time Calculations
  • Mathematics, including Logarithms
  • Medicine
  • Mineralogy
  • Chemistry

….to name a few.