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Maire WahosiMaire Wahosi

I started giving readings as a teenager. I consider myself a psychic library providing information that is meant only for each individual client. Together we access guidance from your higher self and obtain insights on your most pressing problems. Every reading allows me to play a small part in each of my client’s spiritual journeys.

Since I was a child I have been exploring the metaphysical world. I have past life recall and my abilities for Astrology, Tarot, and Palmistry were developed throughout many lifetimes.

I have a deep passion for Astrology and have spent nearly fifty years devotedly studying every aspect of this ancient science.

Astrology as Transformational Experience

I am here to interpret the astrological language to help you unlock the ancient symbols in your natal chart. You can’t change your planetary alignment but with knowledge, you can avoid potential difficulties. As your guide using astrological tools, I work with you to help you understand family imprinting, karmic patterns, and blockages. I help address wounds and traumas that have been preventing you from achieving personal growth and empowerment.

I provide practical advice and accurate insight. I have dealt with matters both mundane and bizarre. I do not tell you what to do or what you should do. My readings are in a judgment-free zone and confidential. Intuitive wisdom is beyond judgment. I focus on optimizing your opportunities and empowering the choices you do make; by providing you with astrological timing to help maximize your chances of success.

I adhere to a spiritual practice of meditation and daily cleansing of my aura. In this way, I can keep my readings free from distractions. My job is to connect to my client’s higher self and translate the information in the clearest most grounded way possible. I work to help my clients tackle tough decisions, resolve conflicts, and suggest strategies to move them forward in new and positive directions.

I respect astrology as a transformational tool and I want to empower my clients. I refuse to compromise my integrity for capitalism. I instead honor astrology and my clients; my readings offer insightful and honest assessments. I follow a code of ethics. (Please click here to review the Ethical Code.)

My metaphysical practice has grown organically through dedication, talent, and skill; helping me to provide my clients with the information they’re seeking. I have given thousands of readings. I balance my psychic skills with my deep understanding of Astrological and Tarot knowledge.

Some of my clients have included artists, musicians, actresses, models, dancers, businessmen, members LGBTQIA community, and nonprofit organizations. Most of my clients come to me through referrals. It is an honor to serve as an astrological guide, introducing you to the beauty found in your stars.

“It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions.” – William Shakespeare

To be transparent and provide full disclosure, here is my Natal Chart: