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A Composite chart is a form of relationship astrology. Using the horoscope of two individuals, the midpoints, and their house cusps are calculated to produce a third chart. The composite chart shows how the couple (or the entity, a business, or event) operates together and the chart will show the “personality” of their relationship.

A first look at the Composite chart shows a very strong Mercury influence! The Ascendant and Sun in Virgo, the elevated MC conjunct Moon in Gemini, a tightly conjunct Mars/ Uranus in Scorpio in the third house, and both the Ascendant’s and MC’s ruler Mercury in the sixth house with the dwarf planet, Ceres!

Composite Chart Ascendant in Virgo. The Ascendant is the outward expression of the social personality of the couple. When Virgo is rising your relationship style presents a united front that is focused on realism and commitment. As a couple, you help each other cope with real-world problems with patience and pragmatism. You can each have moments of self-doubt and will need to rely on each other for support. Avoid the Virgo pitfalls of seeking perfection, nagging criticism, and nitpicking each other.

Mercury of course is the planet of the mind and communication. Mercury shows our communication style, how we perceive information, process facts, and network with others. Communication is a vital part of relationships and having a well-placed Mercury in a composite chart can be beneficial. We find analytical Mercury in sensitive and sympathetic Pisces in the sixth house of service, duties, and responsibilities. Mercury is conjunct nurturing Ceres. This combination works when both parties are supportive and share the day-to-day tasks of life together. There usually is a strong psychic connection and the ability to help each other problem-solve and overcome health and work-related issues.

With the Sun in early Virgo conjunct with late Leo Venus in the composite chart’s Twelfth house, we see a theme building around compassionate, unconditional love and healing. Planets in the Twelfth house can be problematic because this house is Neptune/Jupiter ruled. With a strong dose of past life and subconscious energy, it can be difficult to find clarity. Planets in the composite twelfth house work best when there is honesty and each person feels safe to be vulnerable. That being said, Sun conjunct Venus is one of the strongest indicators of love in a composite chart!

Next up ~ the composite Moon in Gemini in the ninth house conjunct the chart’s MC. The Moon gains strength when elevated and it is considered very lucky to make a conjunction with the MC but be placed in the ninth house! This is a power couple aspect, you help each other to get ahead in life. With the Moon in chatty Gemini, you are intellectually compatible and will never run out of things to talk about.

The composite chart’s third house of communication, short distanced travel, siblings, and neighbors have the relentless and determined Mars in Scorpio conjunct with the wild child of our solar system rebellious Uranus also in Scorpio (consider to be in the sign of its exaltation). This aspect can be challenging and requires effort and honest dialogue to manage impulsivity, unpredictability, and quick tempers.

Everyone on this board knows the power of having Mars in Scorpio add Uranus and this can be a powder keg of sexual attraction. Your relationship might be difficult for outsiders to understand. You each share a strong psychic connection. You can both have highly charged emotions that can lead to transforming metaphysical experiences. You both can feel misunderstood by others and find comfort in understanding each other.

The powerful Mars/ Uranus conjunction is in opposition to the ninth house placed conjunction of wounded healer Chiron and black moon goddess Lilith. Chiron in Taurus experiences struggles around values and when found in the ninth can hold alternative views about religion, and politics and feel rejected by the larger society.

Lilith represents repressed emotions and self-defeating behaviors that can be integrated through conflict resolution. Lilith in the ninth house can be rebellious and unable to accept limitations. To manage this aspect the couple will need to learn to be tolerant of other each other’s points of view. Couples need to learn how to agree to disagree and let go of resentments. These are powerful planets in opposition requiring both parties to learn how to negotiate and share power.

The composite chart has Saturn in Libra in conjunction with the goddess of commitment, Vesta. You have shared values and can tenaciously work together to achieve relationship goals. At the same time because the composite chart also has Libra Pluto and Jupiter tightly conjunct in the second house you both can generate resources but should be careful not to overspend. Jupiter in the second has been known to burn through money when they have it.