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I believe in and follow the Ethics Guidelines developed by the International Association of Ethics in Astrology.

As an ethical member of the astrological community, I hold myself to the highest possible professional standards. My conduct in private and in public aligns to these core principles:

  1. I strive to be of benefit and to do no harm to all with whom I interact.
  2. I recognize and honor the diverse cultural backgrounds of others and acknowledge that my background and identity affect my values, attitudes, and beliefs.
  3. I commit to non-discrimination: respecting all people regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, language, religious affiliation or beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, relationship status and relationship style, socio-economic status, education, or other reasons.
  4. I maintain professional and ethical boundaries. I am aware of my responsibilities, especially in situations where the potential for unequal power dynamics exists. I set aside my personal wants and needs, which include but are not limited to matters of a sexual, financial, or psychological nature when they conflict with the best interests and well-being of others.
  5. I respect the agency and autonomy of all people who seek astrological counsel.
  6. I maintain professional confidentiality and anonymity when working with others, except in situations where my silence could result in grievous harm to another.
  7. I refrain from using other people’s birth data without expressed permission unless this data already exists in the public sphere.
  8. I use language that neither creates false hopes nor speaks in absolutes, and I affirm that every astrological configuration can manifest in a variety of ways.
  9. I am aware of my astrological expertise and limits and actively refer people elsewhere when their needs are beyond the scope of my proficiency.
  10. I respect and appreciate astrology’s diverse traditions, modalities, and techniques that have developed throughout history and take care never to disparage another’s approach.
  11. I disclose and continue to improve my astrological and professional skills, including furthering my ethics training.
  12. I never use another’s work without proper attribution and reference. I acknowledge others’ contributions to my ideas and work.
  13. I keep apprised of the local and national laws and standard business practices as they apply to my business and profession.
  14. I behave and communicate professionally, regardless of the setting, respecting the dignity of all persons even when in disagreement, and I actively work towards resolving conflicts.
  15. I recognize that my conduct directly impacts the reputation of astrology and strive to conduct myself in a manner that garners respect. I do not use astrology to discriminate or disparage others.

Be well in Peace with Earth & Sky,
Maire Wahosi ~ Astrologer