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The Zodiac:

The Zodiac

Aries: “Cardinal Fire Masculine”

Aries starts the journey of the circle of animals. Aries projects forceful aggressive willful energy. Fiercely independent and impatient they thrive on new challenges. Aries are dynamic and direct. Aries are known for their adventurous personalities. They are self-centered, have difficulty finishing projects, and need to focus on channeling their enormous potential. Ruled by Mars.

Taurus: “Fixed Earth Feminine”

Taurus’s energy is pragmatic, sensible, and determined. The Taurus personality is sensual, craving the bounty of earth delights; all manner of comforts. Taurus can be stubborn, lazy, and possessive. Ruled by Venus.

Gemini: “Mutable Air Neutral”

Gemini energy is versatile, adaptable, and spontaneous. Gemini seeks to communicate, thrives on networking and exchanging ideas, and needs a stimulating environment. The Gemini personality is hard to pin down, the sign of the twins, they are often seen as having a dual nature. Ruled by Mercury.

Cancer: “Cardinal Water Feminine”

Cancer energy is highly emotional, nurturing, and fertile. They are very self-protective, secretive, and moody. Like a crab, they “side-step” by acting evasively and indirectly. They retreat into their shells and can appear insensitive and cranky to cover their sense of vulnerability. Sympathetic and caring when they feel secure. Ruled by the Moon.

Leo: “Fixed Fire Masculine”

Leo is the “showboat” of the Zodiac. Leos thrive on being the center of attention. They are creative, generous, and enthusiastic. They can be stubborn, overly dramatic, and arrogant. Ruled by the Sun.

Virgo: “Mutable Earth Feminine”

Virgo is practical yet adaptable. The Virgo personality is analytical, discriminating, and organized. Virgos have a tendency to be overly critical and worry over endless details. Virgo energy needs to find useful and fulfilling work or they become very unhappy. Ruled by Mercury.

Libra: “Cardinal Air Masculine”

Libras seek out relationships and focus on fairness, equitability, and justice. Libra strives to maintain harmony and balance. The Libra personality is easy-going, sociable, and diplomatic. They dislike conflict and can be very indecisive. Ruled by Venus.

Scorpio: “Fixed Water Feminine”

Scorpio energy is deeply emotional and intensely intuitive. Scorpios have a strong sense of purpose, powerful determination, and personal magnetism. They can be stubborn, and secretive and struggle with jealousy. Scorpio energy seeks intense experience in order to transform and regenerate their emotional reality. Without the transformational process, Scorpios can fall into repetitive self-destructive behaviors. Ruled by Mars and Pluto.

Sagittarius: “Mutable Fire Masculine”

Sagittarius seeks wisdom through a variety of adventures. They are the Zodiac philosophers. Sagittarius loves to learn, travel and enjoy the beauty of nature. Friendly and open-minded they need the freedom to explore new horizons. They can be tactless, irresponsible, and dogmatic. Ruled by Jupiter.

Capricorn: “Cardinal Earth Feminine”

Capricorn’s energy is pragmatic, organized, and prudent. They are highly ambitious, persistent, and patient in achieving their goals. Capricorns can be rigid, conventional, and pessimistic. Like wine, they grow better with age. Ruled by Saturn.

Aquarius: “Fixed Air Masculine”

Aquarians are the rebels of the Zodiac. They are independent, original, and inventive. They value individuality and often are unconventional. Disseminators of ideas seek self-expression through the group experience. Intellectually detached they can find personal relationships uncomfortable and restrictive. A fixed sign they can be stubborn, attached to preconceived ideas, and refuse to release old resentments. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Pisces: “Mutable Water Feminine”

Pisces energy is deeply sensitive, highly impressionable, and very psychic. Piscean Energy is kind, gentle, and compassionate. The Pisces personality can be shy and introverted and can need solitude from the challenges of the outside world. The Piscean creative imagination can retreat into psychic space and fall prey to escapist tendencies through the use of alcohol, drugs, and other avoidance addictions. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.