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Example of Transit Reading

Transits follow planets as they move across the sky. The movement of planets can be tracked and the interaction of planets and how they connect to your Natal chart is a prognostic tool that astrologers use to predict external conditions. Transits can signify events and can also manifest emotionally, psychologically, and through circumstantial synchronicity. The effect of the transit depends on many factors, the zodiac signs that the transiting planet is moving through, what natal house the planet is moving through, and what aspects the transiting planet is making to a person’s Natal chart. The movement of personal planets (Sun – Saturn) can arrive and leave quickly whereas slower outer planets (Uranus – Pluto and beyond) can hang around for years.

By Transit, you are having a Lucky Grand Fire Trine

The largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter enjoys bestowing fortune and favors and is now transiting in Aries making a Grand Fire Trine with your natal Leo and Sagittarius.

Natal placements of Sun, Juno, Vesta, and Venus all in fiery creative, magnanimous Leo are receiving the gifts of Jupiter transiting in bold and impulsive Aries.

Jupiter wants to offer you opportunities and boost your self-confidence. Now is the time to spread your wings, be open to new adventures, expand your world, and follow your dreams.

The Grand Fire Trine includes Jupiter Aries trine to your natal South Node and Uranus both conjunct in Sagittarius.

The Jupiter trine South Node can potentially offer you the opportunity to improve relationships from your past. You can also meet new people that can have a positive effect on your future. Keep your eyes open so that you can recognize opportunities.

Jupiter trine Uranus can offer sudden and unexpected events that can disrupt your normal routine. This transit can open your psychic and intuitive abilities. This is an excellent time to travel. This aspect has been known to introduce you to new people that offer interesting perspectives. This aspect favors pursuing higher education in technical, scientific, or esoteric studies.

A Cautionary Tale: Transiting Cardinal Grand Cross

The Transiting Mars in Aries and the Transiting Pluto in Capricorn are challenging your natal Moon Cancer and your natal Pluto Libra! All the Cardinal signs are involved. By transit, you are experiencing a Grand Cardinal Cross.

A cross is formed when four or more planets make squares (90’ angle) and also oppositions (180’ aspect) all in the same quality ( cardinal, fixed, or mutable). All the aspects contained in the grand cross are difficult aspects and therefore present challenges but also offer the power to succeed through great effort.

Transiting Mars in Aries currently has been making a square to your natal Moon Cancer and is opposing your natal Pluto in Libra. At the same time transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been opposite your Cancer Moon and squaring your own natal Pluto in Libra!

Let’s break it down:

Mars Aspects Handle with Care

Transiting Mars Aries square natal Moon Cancer:
Your lovely natal Moon in Cancer has an enormous influence on your natal chart. Conjunction your Ascendent she is powerful in her own sign, nurturing, intuitive and sensitive, Any aspect of your Moon will have a strong impact on your emotional and physical well-being.

Transiting Mars in Aries has been poking at your Moon which can cause you to feel irritable, impatient, and quickly annoyed. This would be a good time to find creative outlets to deal with tensions. You might find yourself feeling defensive, overly sensitive, and easily hurt during this transit. Be careful in your home, especially in the kitchen Mars rules knives and this aspect can be accident-prone.

Transiting Mars in Aries opposite Natal Pluto in Libra:
This can be a difficult transit to process. This aspect can expose us to interpersonal power struggles. You can own your Mars but you have no control over how others use their own Mars. Trust your intuition. If a situation or a person’s energy doesn’t feel right, it is best to avoid confrontations and don’t get involved in dangerous situations.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposite Natal Moon Cancer:
This aspect can be emotionally intense and introspective. It is not a good time to make hasty decisions because It can be difficult to be objective when experiencing this aspect. Journaling, meditation, and pursuing creative interests are positive outlets for this emotionally intense aspect.

Transiting Pluto Capricorn square natal Pluto in Libra
This is a generational aspect, everyone in your age group will be experiencing this aspect. If we have been trying to escape emotional issues, have unresolved trauma or problems that we have suppressed this aspect will start nagging us to look within and deal with the unpleasant past we have been avoiding. If you are willing to let, go of people and situations that have been dragging you down this transit can be very rewarding.

You are also experiencing some exciting Progressions.

Your progressed Moon in Sagittarius is heading into conjunction with your natal Neptune. This progression can open your psychic senses allowing you to read the moods and emotions of others. You can be a “sponge” for psychic information and develop a clearer connection to your higher self.

Venus recently progressed into Libra. The goddess of love has a fondness for beauty, fashion, socializing, and romance. She currently has been making a trine to your natal North Node in Gemini making it easy to make new friendships and expand your social interests.

Your progressed Mars is now in Sagittarius and getting ready to conjunct your natal Uranus. Whenever Mars and Uranus meet up sparks are sure to fly. Expect the unexpected. You might find you have the urge to break rules, bust out of your routine, and seek freedom and adventure! Be cautious this conjunction is prone to surprising or sudden incidents; rash behavior can lead to accidents.