Astrologers interpret the planets’ will by casting your chart and following ancient rules developed centuries ago. Each person’s chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of birth. The Natal chart is a road map for your life showing a person’s personality traits, talents, style, desires, personal strengths and flaws, and yet-to-be-realized potential for the soul’s growth during this lifetime based on each person’s unique celestial star pattern. It’s the Astrologers’ job to uncover the message in the stars which hide within your chart.

The stars never lie. If there is any fault with Astrology it lies only with human error.

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The natal chart explores the birth chart of an individual. Our natal chart maps our relationship to the solar system we live in. At the moment of our birth, we receive a celestial road map to our soul. A map of our psyche’s relationship to the earth and heaven and all the souls we meet during this lifetime.

Why Have Your Natal Chart Done:

Natal charts help us to understand ourselves and others. Having an Astrologer read your chart provides a window into character traits and patterns, personal challenges, and strengths. Having a professional astrological reading can help guide us to our highest potential. A natal chart reading can help support and enhance your exploration of personal growth, and self-improvement and provide a sense of direction and renewed purpose.

Gain Insight Into:

  • Life direction
  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Health issues
  • Past lives and karma
  • Goals and potentials

Do you have Questions?

Are you lost, uncertain, or trying to find direction, purpose, or a life path? Are you going through a difficult transition? Are you looking to understand long-term patterns, family issues, generational trauma, and the causes of frustrations and blockages? Are you on a journey of self-discovery?

Natal Charts: Your Celestial Map – The Birth Chart – Know Yourself

Astrologers use your date, time, and place of birth to “cast your chart”. Your Natal Chart is a blueprint of your potential. Astrologers interpret your unique planetary influences to help you to discover your soul’s purpose. Wild Mercury Astrology will provide you with a highly personal reading of your “Star Map” revealing your strengths, challenges, and karmic themes.

Natal Chart

Natal Chart: $200, Plus Transit and Progressions: $300

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