I started reading Tarot in 1973 and since then have done thousands of readings. Every Tarot reading is a unique and special experience.

Consulting the Tarot is a wonderful way to access your subconscious and explore your intuition. During your reading, all you need to do is to ground and center yourself, gather your thoughts, formulate your question and ask for guidance. Your higher self will draw the cards that will provide the answer to your question. The cards don’t tell you the future; the cards tell you what you need to hear. Your higher self loves and cares for you and wants what is best for you. Trust the process. I help interpret the message that your higher self has sent you.

Together we can look at specific questions regarding relationships, and career options or look into past or future situations. A Tarot reading can help you gain insight into potential choices or decisions that you are struggling with. Tarot is a nonlinear experience you will be accessing your subconscious, asking for advice from your higher self, crossing boundaries, and opening psychic doors to receive information and guidance. I look forward to unlocking the messages that you receive.

Readings are available over the phone or via video.