Returning Clients ~ Solar Return Chart is recommended ~ Makes a wonderful Birthday Gift !

For Returning Clients, I recommend having your Solar Return Chart read on a yearly basis. The Solar Return chart includes a “Hot Dates” list for the year.

For a more complete understanding of the year ahead, you can add Transits and Progressions to your Solar Return.

A Solar Return chart is cast for the moment the transiting Sun returns to the exact position and degree at the time of your birth. Astrologers examine the Solar chart to see what major themes, conditions, and activities will present during the coming year.

The Solar chart is read much like your Natal chart but the Solar chart is only effective for one year, from birthday to birthday. The Solar Return chart shows the dynamics that will be important for the year. The most significant features of your Solar Return chart are the chart’s Ascendent and the Ascendant’s ruler, the Luminaries; the Sun and Moon, and their positions by sign, house, and aspect, especially when angular.

Why add major Transits and Progressions to your Solar Return reading?

Your yearly Solar Return chart can be a helpful predictive tool to forecast the general outlook for the year ahead especially when you also consider any major transits or significant movement in your progressed chart. Taking a look at upcoming major transits and progressions can help you prepare for possible challenges as well as help you time events to take advantage of opportunities.

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No transit and progression insights: $150, Include transit and progression insights: $200

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