All your relationships have a unique signature. Astrology can help you understand your relationship “chemistry”. We will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.

Relationships: How Charts Connect:

Relationship astrology will help you gain a better understanding of your relationships. Astrology can provide insight into compatibility issues and specific relationship karma. Find out why you draw and attract certain relationships. Look into relationship patterns that are holding you back. Get a better understanding or a new perspective on your current partner using relationship astrology.

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Astrology uses several different ways to analyze relationship compatibility.

SYNASTRY is the practice of superimposing two charts and analyzing their interactions. The more aspects [ sacred astrological geometry] between the two charts the more connected and involved the parties will be.

A COMPOSITE chart takes the two individuals’ charts and compares the midpoints between the planets and the house cusps of each chart. This generates a third chart based only on midpoints from the original 2 charts. This third chart is not based on real-time. A composite chart shows the “personality of the relationship.”

Astrology can help you view your relationships with astounding insight. All your relationships have a unique astrological signature. A relationship reading helps explain your attractions, passions, and relationship challenges. Using Astrology can help you to understand your relationship’s chemistry as well as any difficulties you may be having in your relationship. Gaining astrological insight into your relationships with your spouse, lovers, and friends can help make your relationships stronger, healthier, and happier!

When getting readings for a relationship it is important to have the birth information (day, time, place of birth) for you and the other person as well.

Compatibility Chart

Synastry: $250, Composite: $250

Add Written Chart

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