It pays to know what is ahead. Progressions and Transits show potential obstacles as well as opportunities in your future. See how planetary influences can affect your chart and learn how to use each to your advantage. You also receive a list of “Hot Point” dates. Use these dates to help make better choices in your future.

Transits and Progressions are methods for predicting future developments for an individual.

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A PROGRESSION chart explores internal changes to your natal chart. By examining progressions we can explore specific inner development of one’s personality and interests.

A TRANSIT chart explores external conditions, using current astrological influences that interact with the natal chart, and with the progressed chart we can examine potential obstacles and opportunities in the present or future.

Why Have Your Chart Progressed And Your Transits Charted:

Knowledge is power and to know your chart’s future trends is to prepare for upcoming potential opportunities and to watch out for possible obstacles. I will provide you with an in-depth analysis of upcoming astrological events. You will receive a list of auspicious dates as well as “be cautious and aware” dates to assist in helping you prepare for high energy astrologically focused time periods.

Predictive Chart

Progressions: $50, Transits: $50, Progressions + Transits: $100

Add Written Chart

No Written Chart, Professionally Written Chart +$50

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