The Fall/ Winter 2023 Mercury Retrograde

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The Fall/ Winter 2023 Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury goes retrograde, we often experience difficulties, delays, and frustrations with travel, communication, and technology. By knowing when Mercury goes retrograde, we can save ourselves a lot of headaches. We can prepare to meet the coming challenges. 

Spend the retrograde reevaluating, reviewing, and completing projects. Ideally, Mercury retrograde is a fertile time to work with creative and spiritual energies. When we go with the flow of the retrograde things tend to go better. It is helpful to know the sign that Mercury is in while retrograde. The sign tells us “the mood” and behavior the retrograde period will exhibit.

Try to take preventive measures at least three weeks before Mercury goes retrograde. For example: take your car or computer for repairs or upkeep three weeks before the retrograde starts. Please wait until Mercury has gone direct for three weeks before starting any new projects. 

When Mercury retrograde transits connect to your Natal, Solar, or Progressed charts Mercury issues; particularly, communications issues can become very challenging. When our Natal, Solar, or Progressed charts experience a connection to a transit(s) it is recommended that you ask your astrologer how the transit(s) will affect you. This is why it is a good idea to have a yearly astrological review. 

To learn more about the Mercury Retrograde cycle please see my blog post: “Understanding Mercury and the Mercury Retrograde Cycle” https://wildmercury.biz/understanding-me…retrograde-cycle/

The Fall / Winter Mercury Retrograde will start on 12/12/23 in Capricorn and fall back into Sagittarius on 12/23/23. Astrologically the Earth element is grounded, sensible, and practical, all the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are comfortable with details, routines, structures, and societal rules. Whereas the Fire element is enthusiastic, inspirational, and energetic, all the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are passionate, impulsive, and optimistic. 

Capricorn is a feminine, cardinal, earth sign studious and responsible. Capricorn’s energy is pragmatic and will work tirelessly to achieve goals and objectives. When Mercury falls backward into fiery and impatient Sagittarius the shift can feel uncomfortable and more challenging, especially because of holiday travel and the high probability of dangerous and frustrating weather events.

During the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn take the time to re-evaluate how attached you are to your daily routines and habits. Are these routines and structures serving your best interest or are they holding you back? Use the Capricorn portion of this retrograde to reorganize and reexamine priorities regarding work and personal goals. This would be a good time to find ways to manage your time better and investigate how you can work smarter. Focus on finding ways to improve or expand your job skills. Investigate ways that you can transform your work/career to find more fulfillment and purpose.

Mercury Sagittarius thrives on knowledge, personal principles, and a quest for freedom. Optimistic but often lacking in organizational skills, Mercury in Sagittarius is considered a weak placement for the intellectually focused winged messenger. Enthusiastic and philosophical Mercury Sagittarius loves a good debate, engaging in a variety of topics. During the time that Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius rethink your attachment to ideas, religious or political, and critically examine rigid and judgmental or biased beliefs. Avoid the weaknesses of Mercury retrograde; impetuous speech, self-aggrandizing, and irresponsible behaviors. 

The Retrograde Cycle

The pre-shadow: starts: on November 25 at 22’ Sagittarius

Mercury Stations to Retrograde: December 12 at 8’ Capricorn

Mercury falls back into Sagittarius on December 23

Mercury Stations to Direct: January 1, 2024, at 22’ Sagittarius 

Mercury re-enters Capricorn: January 15, 2024 

Post Shadow ends: January 20, 2024, at 8’ Capricorn 

Remember the Do and Do NOT Do List for Mercury Retrograde

  • Do check and recheck travel plans, schedules, and appointments
  • Do review, re-do, review, tie up loose ends, repair
  • Do fix what was broken during the last retrograde
  • Do double-check written documents or calculations 
  • DO NOT SIGN CONTRACTS, DO NOT buy big-ticket items, electronics, cars
  • Do not start a new project, take a new job, or avoid doing anything last-minute 
  • If you must make a purchase, send important packages, or travel purchase insurance
  • Plan ahead, give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination or finish projects 

Use the present well

“Time passes unhindered. When we make mistakes, we cannot turn the clock back and try again. All we can do is use the present well.”  His Holiness Dalai Lama