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A New Chapter for Jupiter & Uranus April 20,2024

The Jupiter conjunct Uranus on April 20, 2024

Today we are going to look at a major astrological event, every 14 years Jupiter and Uranus make a conjunction and start a new chapter in their relationship. This year the conjunction takes place in earthy Taurus, while Mercury is retrograde, after two very intense eclipses. We are going to look at what each planet signifies, review the characteristics of Taurus, take a look at what happened in the past when these two outer planets met in Taurus, and speculate what the conjunction might bring to world events.

Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun is a gaseous blue-green ice giant with 27 moons, and 13 known rings and is tipped on its side, rotating the opposite way Earth and most other planets turn. It takes Uranus 84 years to complete one trip around our Sun. Named for the Greek primordial deity Ouranos, ruler of the sky, he was created by the great mother Gaia, he is the father of Titans, Furies, Cyclopes, the fifty-headed Hectoncheires, and the goddess of love, Aphrodite. 

In Greek mythology, Ouranus/Uranus story is part of a multi-generational succession struggle. Uranus mistreats his mother/wife, Gaia, and he is a cruel father to his offspring, eventually, he is castrated by his youngest Titan son, Kronos. According to the Greek poet, Hesiod (700 BC), Kronos threw his father’s genitals into the ocean from this fertilization sprang the goddess, Aphrodite. 

Kronos assumes power and suffers a similar fate as his father when after a decade of war against his children he is overthrown by his youngest son Zeus. 

Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, spending 7 years in the same zodiac sign. Uranus has generational influence and only takes on personal significance when making aspects to personal planets or angles in an individual’s chart. Uranus rules in Aquarius, is detriment in Leo, finds its exaltation in Scorpio, and fall in the sign Taurus. 

Uranus is the rebel of our solar system associated with independence, unpredictability, unconventionality, and extremism. 

Jupiter (the mythological Zeus in ancient Greek) is the fifth planet from the Sun, a gas giant, the first planet formed and the largest in our Solar System. It takes Jupiter slightly less than 12 years to complete one trip around the Sun. Jupiter has faint planetary rings and more than 95 moons.

In Greek mythology Zeus is the supreme ruler of the pantheon of gods and goddesses, he is the god of thunder and lightning, and the arbiter of morals and laws. 

Hesiod in his epic, “Theogony” states that Zeus is the youngest child of Kronos and Rhea. Kronos lives in fear that one of his children will usurp his throne so once born he swallows them. Zeus’ mother to save him from being swallowed gives Zeus to Gaia to raise and gives the unsuspecting Kronos a stone wrapped in cloth to swallow. Once Zeus is an adult he works with Gaia to free his siblings and leads them in a war against their father, Kronos. After successfully overthrowing Kronos, Zeus rules from Mount Olympus always watchful that the Olympian gods and goddesses do not rebel against him. 

Jupiter stays in each zodiac sign for a year. Ancient astrologers considered Jupiter to be the “great benefactor.” A well-placed Jupiter is auspicious offering opportunities, success in endeavors, and wealth. Jupiter rules in Sagittarius, is detriment in Gemini, finds its exaltation in Cancer, and fall in the sign of Capricorn. 

Jupiter provides us with opportunities for expansion and growth. Jupiter opens the doorway to an exploration of the “higher mind”,  knowledge through education, spiritual and intellectual quests, long-distance traveling, and multicultural/ religious exchanges. 


The Zodiac sign of Taurus 

Uranus in Taurus 5/15/2018 to 4/26/2026 

Jupiter in Taurus 5/16/2023 to 5/25/2024

The Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction takes place in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, she is sensible, grounded, and known to be dependable, resourceful, and determined but resistant to change. Taurus seeks to establish a strong foundation and a sense of stability and security are very important to her. 

When Jupiter is transiting in Taurus there is an interest in how to expand economic opportunities in practical and sensible ways. Taurus wants to find a good bargain, make low-risk investments, and stick to a budget. The thrifty Taurus will rummage the thrift stores and garage sales for treasures. Rebellious Uranus is considered to be poorly placed in Taurus and is uncomfortable with the predictability and sensible nature of Taurus. Uranus in Taurus wants to give the material world a good shake and remind us of our human fragility compared to the powers of the natural world. 

The history of Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction in Taurus

The Jupiter /Uranus conjunction happens every 14 years. When we experience a major astrological event and we want to try and understand how the aspect will manifest on the world stage we look to see what happened the last time the aspect occurred. 

We find the Jupiter / Uranus in Taurus conjunctions happening in:

1015, 1098, 1181, 1858, 1941, 2024, and in the future 2107! 

Let’s take a look at the 1858 conjunction that took place at 29’ Taurus. The last degrees of Taurus sits on the shoulder of the bull. This collection of seven fixed stars is called the Pleiades, sometimes called “the weeping sisters.” Planets transiting these fixed stars are said to have something to weep about and the placement is considered ominous. 

Several interesting events transpired leading up to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

“A House Divided Against Itself Can Not Stand” Abraham Lincoln 6/18/1858

In August of 1857, the United States suffered what became known as the Panic of 1857, the economic crisis was fueled by excessive speculation and inflation. Banks liquidated their investments and sold off railroad stocks and bonds causing a rapid decline in stocks and securities. The crisis spread to Europe, especially Britain and France, both countries had substantial investments in the United States. The failure of several banks caused a stock market panic and the public lost faith in the banking system the panic revealed the instability of American capitalism. In 1858, at the height of the economic downturn and with rumblings of an impeding potential civil war, America experienced a surge in evangelistic revivalism, called the Businessman’s Revival. Members of the business community turned to Christian revivalism to cope with the economic crisis and the existential crisis of slavery. The Revival of 1858 started in New York City and eventually, the revivalist movement spread to the South. Revivalism in New England focused on abolitionism and social activism. At the same time, the revivalist movement in the South introduced new forms of religious expression and strengthened established congregations. Once the Civil War broke out each side conducted revivals in their military camps, preaching that god was on their side of the war.  


During this conjunction, another influential event occurred; the discovery of gold in Colorado, known as the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, over 100,000 people flooded into the Rocky Mountains to mine for gold resulting in environmental consequences and conflict with indigenous tribes. 

When we look at the Jupiter/ Uranus Taurus conjunction in May of 1941 the world is at war with Nazi Germany and fascist Italian dictator Mussolini. Europe is experiencing a horrific genocide targeting millions of Jews, Roma, homosexuals, people with disabilities, as well as Polish and Russians; an estimated 17 million people were murdered from 1933- 1945 by Nazi Germany. All through May, Germany’s Luftwaffe bombards Britain, and Northern Ireland, and the Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg, and Berlin. On May 9th the British Navy captured a German submarine U-boat on board, they found some secret cipher documents, and the “enigma” machine was discovered. This discovery would be instrumental in aiding the Allied war effort. (Interestingly, World War 2 started when Uranus was at 21’ Taurus).

Jupiter / Uranus in Taurus 

Jupiter in Taurus is interested in the sensibly structured expansion of material well-being. Uranus in Taurus is interested in using technology, and innovation and taking calculated risks to increase the material world. Looking at the previous Jupiter/ Uranus conjunctions in Taurus we can see some similarities playing out on the world stage. 

The 1858 Christian Revivalism is erringly similar to the rise here in America of Christian Nationalism. Both events seem to stem from a crisis of faith regarding institutions, government, and corporations. Both time frames see deep economic and cultural divisions tearing apart the country. In 1858, the country was on the precipices of a civil war. Can we avoid the same fate? 

We find echoes of 1941 in the rise of authoritarian, fascist governments around the world. The current Middle East conflict is challenging the world to prevent another genocide and as of today, the world is failing miserably to stop the carnage. A new feature of this conjunction is the looming ecological disaster. Scientists are begging world leaders to address the climate change crisis quickly and capitalism has shown itself unable to pivot towards sustainability. 

A New Chapter for the next 14 years 

Astrologically when outer planets make a conjunction it is the beginning of a new chapter for the planets involved even though both Jupiter and Uranus will move forward into other signs we will feel the conjunction’s influence. The conjunction chart indicates increased tension, disagreements, and resistance to changes regarding the Taurus themes. We can expect disruptions focusing on money, possessions, ownership, environmental and agriculture concerns. Taurus’ association with Venus will influence the struggle for women’s rights, we should see some progress but not without significant pushback. Those resistant to change will view the conjunction as threatening to their stability while those individuals who are open to change will see disruption of the status quo as long overdue and an avenue for transformative change.

Some possible outcomes: Practical with a twist 

More polarization of political and cultural views 

Expansion as well as instability of bitcoin/ crypto/digital money, Expanding the use of AI in the marketplace.

Economic instability/ inflation/reduced spending/budget-conscious

Consumers will become more focused on frugality, sensible practical purchases, recycling, upcycling, an interest in getting back to earth, community gardens, crafting 

Changes to agriculture/ farming/ soil increase focus on sustainability

Acceleration of climate change increased weather/storms 

Technological Innovations that focus on practical application and pragmatic solutions 


Individuals and countries with planets or angles in fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will be influenced by this conjunction.

Here are a few countries affected by the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction at 21’ Taurus 49:

Iran: fixed T-square involving Mars 17’, Sun 22’, Mercury 23’ all in Aquarius/ Pluto 19’Leo, Uranus 20’ Scorpio

Israel: Sun 23’ Taurus, Saturn ’16 Leo

USSR: 1917 chart: Mercury 23’ Scorpio, Uranus ’19 Aquarius

The Book of World Horoscopes also suggests 12/25/1991 for current Russia that chart has Pluto 21’ and Venus 22’, both in Scorpio.

China: using the 10/1/1949 chart Venus 19’ Scorpio, Pluto 17’ Leo


The Book of World Horoscopes, Campion, Nicholas, 1988