Jupiter Is On The Move ~ Will Jupiter in Gemini be Lucky for You?

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Jupiter Is On The Move ~ Will Jupiter in Gemini be Lucky for You?

Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25 

Jupiter the largest planet in our Solar System is on the move entering the zodiac sign of the twins, Gemini on May 25th. ( 7:14 pm EDT/ 4:14 pm PDT)

We learned about Jupiter during our recent discussion about the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction that happened in April. 

Jupiter (the mythological Zeus in ancient Greek) is the fifth planet from the Sun, a gas giant, the first planet formed and the largest in our Solar System. It takes Jupiter slightly less than 12 years to complete one trip around the Sun. Jupiter has faint planetary rings and more than 95 moons.

In Greek mythology Zeus is the supreme ruler of the pantheon of gods and goddesses, he is the god of thunder and lightning, and the arbiter of morals and laws. 

Hesiod in his epic, “Theogony” states that Zeus is the youngest child of Kronos and Rhea. Kronos lives in fear that one of his children will usurp his throne so once born he swallows them. Zeus’ mother to save him from being swallowed gives Zeus to Gaia to raise and gives the unsuspecting Kronos a stone wrapped in cloth to swallow. Once Zeus is an adult he works with Gaia to free his siblings and leads them in a war against their father, Kronos. After successfully overthrowing Kronos, Zeus rules from Mount Olympus always watchful that the Olympian gods and goddesses do not rebel against him. 

Jupiter stays in each zodiac sign for a year. Ancient astrologers considered Jupiter to be the “great benefactor.” A well-placed Jupiter is auspicious offering opportunities, success in endeavors, and wealth. Jupiter rules in Sagittarius, is detriment in Gemini, finds its exaltation in Cancer, and fall in the sign of Capricorn. 

Jupiter provides us with opportunities for expansion and growth. Jupiter opens the doorway to an exploration of the “higher mind”,  knowledge through education, spiritual and intellectual quests, long-distance traveling, and multicultural/ religious exchanges. 

The zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign known for its duality, intellectual curiosity, and openness to new ideas and new experiences. Gemini’s natural curiosity can lead to an individual who dabbles in a variety of interests and finds it difficult to focus on just one subject. Geminis are natural communicators, make excellent teachers, and writers, and excel in intellectually stimulating environments. Geminis are known for their quick-wittedness and sociability, but they can be fickle, superficial, and indecisive.

Transiting Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Every 12 years** you will have a Jupiter return, Jupiter will return to the same degree as when you were born. This is considered a fortuitous event helping to expand your horizons and offering new adventures for self-discovery. 

During a favorable Jupiter transit, we can experience auspicious events that can boost our confidence, increase our personal or spiritual growth, or help our careers. How Jupiter’s good luck will manifest depends on the house where Jupiter is transiting and the aspects Jupiter is making. 

Jupiter is in its detriment when traveling in Gemini (opposite the sign Sagittarius which is its ruler). When Jupiter is transiting in Gemini it can feel somewhat scattered, mentally restless, and have broad but superficial interests. 

The transit favors teaching, publishing, writing, and traveling for educational purposes. Transiting Jupiter in Gemini is also helpful in pursuing educational goals and expanding business and commerce, particularly businesses that focus on communication, personal services, imports/exports, and social media/ internet.

This transit is favorable for air signs ( Libra, Aquarius) and fire signs (Aries, Leo).  The Mutable signs ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) should expect new changes, and prepare to be Busy. Be willing to say YES, and don’t miss your chance to expand your horizons! Now is a favorable time to grab opportunities to move in new directions.

Caution Advisory 

If this transiting Jupiter is making hard aspects to your natal, solar, or progressed chart it can be tempting to be spontaneous, take unnecessary risks, or gamble on a sure thing … please reconsider.  This is not a good time for you to be making assumptions, jumping to conclusions, or making on-the-fly decisions. To be successful you will need to make sure you have the correct information, be armed with practical knowledge, and have a plan to succeed. In other words, do not “wing it” and hope for the best outcome.

The Difficulty Zone 

Scorpio and Capricorn Quincunx Gemini is an aspect considered minor with a tight 2’ orb but this aspect shouldn’t be ignored. Gemini has a difficult time understanding Scorpio’s intensity and Capricorn’s boring pragmatism, the signs have nothing in common. The Quincunx aspect requires we make adjustments or modifications, there can be frustrations due to misplaced or misdirected energy and the unresolved tension can lead to health issues. Jupiter can be antagonistic and make finding compromise difficult when he is one of the planets involved in the quincunx aspect. 

Will Jupiter in Gemini be lucky for you? Be sure to ask your astrologer ~  


Are you having your Jupiter Return? 

If you are 12,24,36,48,60,72,84,96 then yes.

The last time Jupiter was transiting in Gemini was 2012.

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