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How to use an Astrological Calendar

Welcome to 2024 

Are you interested in learning more about astrology? Would you like to understand how to use astrology daily to help you be prepared for astrological events?  I have some suggestions for you. No, do not read your monthly Sun Sign astrology in the newspaper. Instead, you can go ahead and purchase a Daily Planetary Guide. There are so many nowadays! Some of my favorites are: 

  1. The Magic of I Astrological Planner. The design is beautiful and it offers an astrological reference guide, planetary movements, retrogrades, Moon phases, and a planting guide, a planetary ephemeris for the year. And much much more. It’s pricey but if you enjoy using a planner it’s worth it.
  2. Since Jim Maynard retired and no longer publishes his phenomenal astrology calendar I have switched to Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide. It’s reasonably priced and it includes all the information you need to follow the Sun, Moon, and the planets as they move throughout the year. 
  3. If you are a serious student of Astrology I highly recommend the Honeycomb Collective Personal Astrological Almanac. You can add asteroids, Hellenistic Zodiacal Releasing, and Lots, or add your Solar Return. They offer a wall calendar and you can receive both the almanac and calendar digitally.    

4. For our pagan sisters I would recommend the Astro Moon Diary published by Astrocal. Offers a mix of information about astrology, astronomy, and the Pagan Solar and Cross Quarter Festivals.